Saturday, April 11, 2015

The All Knowing Eye Tile Coaster

I am very excited to be releasing my All Knowing Eye Tile Coaster on my new Unique Gift Ideas website!  This is one of my favorite designs and I consider it to be a Contemporary Art masterpiece!  I know I should be humble, but I created this at a young age and I hope I can create something this colorful and fantastic again!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Don't Care Value T-Shirt

Well folks, when you just don't care at all anymore, this is the t-shirt for you!  Tell them you are sorry, but you just don't care at all anymore with this wacky t-shirt!  When you are looking for a gag gift this fits the bill!  I gotta go cause I don't care anymore either! :)

Dont Care Value T-Shirt
Don't Care Value T-Shirt

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Circle Swirl Square Wall Clock

Hi all, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!  I'm excited to be releasing my wild and funky Circle Swirl Square Wall Clock on zazzle.  This design is 100% digital and I created it using Microsoft Paint.  It is loaded with circles, colors and little critters!  When you look at the design, the circles create a swirling feeling and I hope you think it is funky!  If you are looking for a fresh, exciting, and colorful clock, my Circle Swirl Square Wall Clock is just perfect!

Circle Swirl Square Wall Clock
Circle Swirl Square Wall Clock by CoolWorldGifts
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Horus Bird Ceramic Tile

Hi all, I'm very excited to be releasing my Horus Bird Ceramic Tile!  I'm very happy with this design, and I hope you like it too!  I originally came up with this design after browsing through Treasures of the Pharaohs, a great book about Egyptology.  This book is perfect for a Visual Artist because it is loaded with beautiful, large, full color pictures.  In Egyptian myth, the story surrounding the god Horus is shrouded in mystery.  Horus is said to be god of sky, and is often depicted as a falcon.  This god also possessed the qualities of both bird and man.  I decided to add my own colorful, psychedelic flair to my vision of the horus bird.  What came out was my beautiful Horus Bird Ceramic Tile, and I hope you can use this colorful creature to decorate your home in style!  

Horus Bird Ceramic Tile
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paradise City Art Poster

So what's the story behind my Paradise City Art Poster??  Well, I guess I just have a love of skylines!  One of my favorites is New York, but I think Los Angeles has to be my number one pick right now.  I created this design by first drawing my dream city.  It looks like a mixture between Los Angeles and Philadelphia.  Library tower is right around the middle of the poster.  Can you see it???  If you are looking for some funky wall art this holiday season, come to Paradise City!!
Paradise City Art Poster
Paradise City Art Poster by CoolWorldGifts
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Central Park NY Magnets

     Happy Holidays Folks!  My christmas stocking stuffer bonanza continues today with this collectible 
Central Park NY Magnet offered in two sizes.  (3"x4" and 4"x6") 
     If you are wondering why I have been making so many New York themed items recently, it is because I had the chance to take some great photos of Central Park and New York in October.  This magnet features the gorgeous Upper East Side of Manhattan and is perfect for anyone that loves the Big Apple!  
Central Park NY Magnets
Central Park NY Magnets by CoolWorldGifts
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La La Land Bumper Sticker

Welcome to La La Land Folks!  If you are looking for a wacky stocking stuffer this year, my La La Land Bumper Sticker is just perfect! I decided to commemorate La La Land because I have always loved Hollywood and film.  And who doesn't love the great city of Los Angeles??? (a.k.a. La La Land)
But most importantly, this bumper sticker represents a state of mind.  La La Land is that wonderful place where you are in a fun filled dream!  Come to La Land Land today with this wacky bumper sticker! La La Land Bumper Sticker
La La Land Bumper Sticker by CoolWorldGifts
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