Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swirls of Color Art Poster

It's hard to believe, but I created my Swirls of Color Art Poster entirely in Microsoft Paint!  Any true artist really needs very few tools to create a piece of art.  My Swirls of Color piece is 100% digital art.  This goes against the process I use the majority of the time, but I find digital art an extremely interesting form of expression in the Contemporary Art scene.  Digital art, like anything else, has pros and cons.  The exciting thing about my Swirls of Color piece is the boldness of color that can be created using a digital palette.  I've also added a crazy and completely random array of wacky little creatures in this piece just to make things a bit nuts!  After all, that's what goofy Visual Artists are known for!  Get boldly colorful and 100% digital with my Swirls of Color Art Poster, the perfect way to screw up your wall!  

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